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large-scale-thatch-developmentBuildup Thatch services Gauteng and Buildup Development Team services the surrounding areas and all international locations. The Buildup Development Team is the goto for a private individual that wants to build a home or vacation retreat in remote locations. Developers depend on the Buildup Development Team as the contractor to make their development a success.

The Buildup team can be mobilised to do a project anywhere in South Africa, Botswana Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Mauritius, or the most secluded island on the globe. Required material and equipment are shipped in sequence with the production team to do projects all over the world.
large-scale-thatch-development2Prior to shipping, material cost ratios are completed. Buildup will determine the most cost effective material acquisition for the client’s benefit. Buildup has manufactured bricks, paving and concrete cast products on site where suitable raw materials were available. A complete production plant is set up and the concrete products produced are sent to laboratories for testing throughout the project. On site production not only saves money, but also leads to increased productivity, as the manufacture pace is excelled by project time frames.

Materials used by Buildup Development Team are of the highest standard and adhere to the most stringent specification. However, Buildup can integrate suitable material that is available on site in construction. Natural stone from the shrouding can be used for cladding work, walkways and in the building. For that desired rustic look, tree stumps from area can be integrated in the buildings.

Buildup National and International Large Scale Services:

  • Thatch turnkey developments: complete residential homes and commercial requirements including lodges and halls (site clearance, plans, brickwork and thatching)
  • Thatch roofs: Wide span and short span structure to client design (combined size min 200m²)
  • Re-thatching: Residential homes and commercial projects
  • Thatch maintenance. Commercial (project value from R200k
  • Harvey thatch over existing thatch and new installations (min 200m²)
  • Thatch fire protection- application of proven products (min 200m²)
  • Decking – Full range of decking material (min size 100m²)
*Note: Buildup Thatch completes small scale projects in and arround Gauteng.

large-scale-thatch-development3The Buildup joint professional team can provide complete development assessment prior to doing the project. The comprehensive assessment covers the complete detail of the project.

  • Client requirements – design and budget.
  • Environmental impact study.
  • Scope of work and timeline to meet desired project completion.
  • Architectural plans – site layout and unit placing.
  • Engineering- civil and structural.
  • Project costing – labour rate projections, Bills of quantity that details all material required to do project.
  • Health & Safety – Implementation of safety procedures and a compliant safety file.

Buildup is a level 3 BEE service provider and has all relevant documentation and is compliant to the health and safety act for a national service delivery. Buildup will meet all requirements of any international sites on request. Click here to view documentation.

The Buildup development team is the first choice when it comes to complete development. Taking a project from plan to plot on a continueous large scale is what Buildup lives for.

The Buildup team can assist you in building you that required vacation home, that need bush retreats or that desired beachfront development form plot to plan

Buildup extensive management skill and industry knowhow assures project success!