Build Up has mastered and perfected the art of thatch lapas and will custom build your lapa, to your expectation. An expert installation by Build Up‘s professional team and quality material from reputable suppliers is the basis for all projects. Material used for thatch construction is improving on a yearly basis. Build Up’s relation with suppliers insure that only the best material is used for your lapa.

lapas_30Build Up’s team implements the most up to date specification in to thatch lapa design and only uses SABS (CCA & Tantalizes) approved poles. The Build Up professional team will oversee detailed aspects of the lapa construction to stringent quality. Build up consistent quality will insure that the thatch lapa built will last 15 to 25 years
The implementation of the most advanced specification and use of only superior material results in low maintenance cost and enduring lapa / thatch. Build up has maintained a 5 year guarantee on thatch lapa since 1999 that is still exceeding customer expectations.

Build Up uses no subcontractors and manages thatch lapa projects from start to finish. Managing Build up as a Multi Divisional Construction Organization makes perfect sense to customers once the project is completed . Completing the lapa can include building a braai, laying paving and installing that Jacuzzi. All aspects of the project are complete by the specializing team that compete their part of the project to perfection.

Team division insures that staff becomes experts in their part of the project. The accountability from the craftsman to the semi -skilled laborer is apparent in the quality of the final project.

Build Up as is structured to service the smaller residential market and the big commercial requirements cost-effectively. The structure is implemented into Build Up’s fleet. Build Up’s fleet consist of LVD used for small jobs and truck for big projects. Small cost savings in logistics and other contributing factors have a big impact on the bottom line. Savings that are passed on to customers for competitive pricing.

Doing the job right the first time in good team spirit is the motto from order to site clean-up.

Build up gives you:

• Lapa with a 15 to 25 year life span

• 5 year guarantee (cost free for 5 years)

• Thatch Lapa that require minimal maintenance after 5 years

• One contractor solution

• Access to the latest information and designs

• Years of hands-on experience

• Lapas that are sound investments

Build Up‘s Project approach:

• Build Up is a professional company and conducts all work in the same manner

• Doing the specified job right the first time is the basis on which work is undertaken.

• We allocate all resources required to a project immediately, insuring fast turnover time.

• Artisan workers are trained members of a crew and not casual workers.

• Staff are evaluated quarterly and undergo KB Occupational Health & Safety training annually, insuring competent staff in a safe working environment.

• Supervisors are qualified, skilled and attentive to detail insuring expert service.

• All work is in accordance to specifications set out by industry and /or SANS.

• Long standing supplier relationships insures quality materials for your project.

• Right product & correct application insures full guarantees from supplier.

• 5 year guarantee on workmanship-while GMBA requires only 1 year.

• Excellent back up and after sales service.

• Three generations of construction project management knowledge, with a hands-on approach, makes all projects by Build Up a success.

• An organization is only as good as its last job, let’s make your project the next Build Up advert.