Relax Special: 36m²

Thatch Building – Complete including Jacuzzi, Braai, MGO walling, Aluminium Window and Sliding door.
Now only R 2500 per month or R 95 000 once-off. No Hidden cost (subject to t&c)

The Ideal space for friend and families to wind down

This special consists of:

1. Thatch corner 6x6m²
* Corner unit 36m SQ
* Designed to give optimal floor space and can be erected in a small area
* Thatch roof @ pitch 45°, SABS CCA treated poles, black angle ridges,
* Last 25 years fully guaranteed for 5 years.
* Cape reed inlay-( Layer to inside to thatch: reed gives a smooth leave free finish)
* Varnish of poles Imboya Paint on sealant.
* Transform a corner in the garden into a haven for relaxation

2.Jacuzzi Spa Luxury Curved 4 seater
* 850mm x 1500mm x 800mm
* Approx. 1000 liters capacity
* 0.75 kW water pump & 1.0kW Micro air jet pump
* Equipped with 4 Jets | Micro air jets in seats | pneumatic controls
* Comfortable deep and large 4-Seater spa with beautiful contours.
* A bottom drain channel
* Spa light
* Pump box OMG flat panel housing
* Full installation
* Bubble cover
* Electrical provision of 20m (additional cabling to be quoted separately)
– Most powered efficient spa available in SA. Power from a standard house hold plug

3.Built in Braai
* 1M steel insert Steel insert complete : door’s, heavy duty ash pan and full grill
* Stock brick
* Spanish plaster
* Work tops can be added
– Ideal Braai for exceptional dishes, that can be used as a fire place in winter

4.Walling MGO Boards
* All structures Build to Engineer specification and design
* No Building plans required (subject to size and use). No foundations
* Low maintenance
* Well insulated cool in summer and warm in winter
* Water proof
* Steam proof
* Fire resistant
* Painted standard colours
– Environment friendly alternative to standard brick building
Proven Modular walling board developed in Germany and successfully used in extreme climate conditions of America and Europe.

5.Flooring Simulate natural stone
* Sand Stone colour
* 400×400 Tuscan style flagstone
* Non slip
* Hard wearing
* Easy to clean and stain resistant
– A combination of natural stone texture with a quality finish for a lasting impression

6.Aluminium Door 2.1mx2.1m and Window 1.5×1.2
* Pre- glazed
* Bronze or Natural.

Specials Features
– Modular building stages, starting with roof and adding items as required and budget allows
– Fast construction time – Built in 10 working days
– Complete in-house services, one contractor from start to completion
– 5 Year workmanship guarantee.

Jacuzzi in Deck Special


6/7 Seater Jacuzzi
Decking – Saligna 3x3m from back of bench to front of spa and bench 600x600x600 (closed back and side) approximately 16m² of saligna decking (As per pic above)
Power Saver unit- Run off normal House plug


The Deck can accommodate a standard Gazebo (not included)

R 36 000


Decking Special

Decking Special!
Create your dream entertainment area today!
from R950 m2!